$36 999

Additional features

  • 907a Title: NY907a Salvage Certificate (rebuildable)
  • Runs and Drives
  • We are in the business of selling insurance totaled vehicles.This vehicles is being sold as is
  • with either a New York 907A or a salvage title. For more info call us 631 689 8401 or contact us at sales@setauketautowrecking.com

2019 Ram Rebel Crew Cab 1500 Hemi 4×4 Leather loaded, fresh water claim, no damage, $36,999

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2019 Ram Rebel Crew Cab 1500 Hemi 4×4 Leather loaded, Flood, No damage!! $36,999

Setauket Auto Wreckers Inc. has developed a rating system for our flood vehicles. This is our effort to explain the damages of flood vehicles in our inventory. All of our flood vehicles offered for sale run and drive unless otherwise noted. Most have little or no damage.

Upon inspection of this vehicle it has been determined that although this vehicle has been deemed a “flood vehicle” by the insurance company very little water has entered the passenger compartment. It appears that all the systems are operating correctly. There is no physical damage to this vehicle. There are no “check engine” or warning lights on in the Dash. This vehicle runs and drives the same as a comparable vehicle of the same year, make, and model. There is no reason this vehicle will not perform in the same manner for years to come. It has a New York 907a salvage rebuildable title. In New York this means a salvage inspection is required before it can be titled and registered.

This vehicle came to us from an insurance claim. Fresh water was about two inch above the rocker panel and got the carpets wet. The power seats and other electronic were not effected.