About Us


As a young boy Greg was always interested in cars, mostly antique cars At around 13 years old he bugged his father enough to purchase a basket case 1932 Chevrolet 4 door sedan. Together with his father and brother they restored this car back to it’s original condition. It was four years of hard work with many lessons learned. Fueled by his passion for cars he knew that the car business is where he wanted to make his career. During high school and college Greg tinkered with many different types of cars old and new.

After college he entered full speed into the Auto Salvage Industry.
His primary goal was to purchase collision-damaged vehicles from insurance companies and offer them to body shops, dismantlers and backyard mechanics. This business has grown into one of the largest damage vehicle dealers in the area. They obtain late model high-end totaled vehices from insurance companies, remarket internationally and sell them.
When you ask Greg what his formula for success is, he responds, “We pride our-selves on being honest, and of having the greatest integrity. We go to great lengths to clearly represent each and every vehicle. Our goal is to make sure every customer is 110% satisfied.

As one walks through the rows of vehicles it’s hard not to notice the upscale high quality merchandise at extremely low prices.This is the place for affordable rebuildables, from Prius to Hummer and everything in between. So if your looking for one vehicle for yourself or an entire truckload to export, Greg and his professional staff are ready to help you find what you are looking for.